Thursday, 22 March 2012

Possibly too cold?

So plans were hatched to launch the MV bulb on the neighbourhood! My trap sits at the top of the garden and so is confined by a shed on each side and a tall thick hedge on the far side, with the only open side being the garden itself. The light from the MV bulb would however be so bright that it would be shining straight back down the garden and into my neightbours windows...not something I was comfortable with. However, the white sheet that I normally use to attract moths was stretched across the gap between the two sheds and stopped the majority of the light annoying people. It did of course also stop some of the light reaching into the garden, which in summer might be a problem to passing moths, but for now I'm happy with the plan.

Unfortunately I think the cold night (7 degrees from 2100 and dropping to 4 by morning) meant that the catch was small. 11 moths of 7 species. One of these was a new for year Grey Shoulder-knot which was found on the shed wall above the trap this morning. Beautiful delicate little creature, and only the third for the garden!

Others in the trap/potted up were the usual suspects -
2 x Agonopterix heracliana
2 x Hebrew Character
2 x Common Quaker
2 x Clouded Drab
1 x Emmelina monodactyla
1 x Early Grey

Moth year list = 17

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