Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Black-necked Grebe - Kingsmill

20th March 2012 -
The news of the Black-necked Grebe hit my computer screen at about 1445hrs, and a quick check back through the days reports seem to indicate that it had been found in the morning and last reported at 1410hrs. Good timing, as I had to pick Jordan up from school which meant that I could pop straight over after I'd got him. Which is what we did, with a quick stop en route to collect my dad for a spot of fresh air (he had his hip replaced 4 weeks ago and hasn't been out of the house much. Kingsmill is perfect for a bit of new hip physiotherapy).
So we hit Kingsmill at 1700hrs and got straight onto the Black-necked in glorious sunshine near the reedbeds on the opposite side to the car park. We had a wander round to see if we could get some better views, but of course it had other ideas and scarpered down to the dam end by the time we got round to its last position! I still managed this poor video, taken using my mobile phone through the scope.

The moth trap is out tonight in what were good conditions, but it's dropping cold now. I've already caught at least two new for the year, so hopefully tomorrow's report will be full of Spring goodness!

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