Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Black-necked Grebe @ Colwick

After hearing about this on Tuesday evening, I decided that I'd had two late nights at work so I deserved a treat. So I headed over to Colwick before work (it's kind of on the way, but with a small detour!). I arrived there at 730am, in a very gloomy misty morning. And cold! Only about 5 degrees.

There were plenty of ducks to be found, a few Wigeon left over, plenty of Tufties, 5-6 Shoveler, 4 Gadwall, at least 30 Little Grebes which seemed like a high count for the site? A female and 2 male Red-crested Pochard brightened the morning a little, although one was a funny colour! A Green Woodpecker called intermittantly and got my heart jumping (I still haven't got one on my 2012 yearlist!) and also a Great Spotted was drumming closeby. Not many gulls were present, just 30ish Black headed and 3 Commons. I got chatting to a guy as I got my kit out of the car and we wandered round the lakes chatting about Notts birding in general. We covered every inch of shoreline but we couldn't find the Black-necked Grebe! I left him at the West Lake, and walked back to the car and bumped into another chap who said that the grebe had been around the island in the south-east corner. I double checked it but still couldn't find anything. It hasn't been reported on Birdguides today either, whether that's a sign of it's departure or not. The other mildly interesting species I found was this, and I certainly didn't know that it was on site!

Weather is looking good for the moths tomorrow and Friday so I might have a bit of Leps to report soon!

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