Monday, 11 June 2012

Two half-decent moth nights

Saturday and Sunday nights were not ideal conditions, but they were DRY! Hurrah! In fact the dry from Saturday night lead onto the very lovely morning walk that I posted about yesterday at Cannock Chase. The evening temperatures were around 12 degrees on Saturday but 10 degrees on Sunday, but given that both nights were fairly similar I decided to run an experiment testing the lights against each other. I ran the 15W Actinic/117W CFL combo trap on Saturday and the 80MBF on Sunday. Same trap, same setup just different lights.

The results were...

Saturday Sunday
Micros Macros Micros Macros
6 20 5 19

...rather inconsequential to be honest - although Saturday's catch was fairly uneventful (Freyer's Pug, Scoparia ambigualis, Silver Y and Ingrailed Clay being the only interesting moths) the MBF bulb did pull in Poplar Hawk, Pale Tussock, Angle Shades, Scoparia pyralella, Peppered Moth, Clouded-bordered Brindle and Cabbage Moth. So I'm tempted to say that the MBF was more successful, but that's only cos the bigger showy moths grab your attention, don't they!?!

Any way some photos from Saturday first:

Silver Y Heart & Dart
Ingrailed Clay Scoparia ambigualis

And some from Sunday:

Angle Shades Scoparia pyralella
(nice comparison to S. ambigualis above)
Marbled Minor agg.
Foxglove Pug Peppered Moth Bryotropha similis (I think?)
2012 Moth Yearlist = right on the verge...99

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