Saturday, 9 June 2012

Desperate material for blogging

With the weather being so bad here in Derbyshire (for mothing at least!) here is my desperate attempt to include new stuff in my blog. And it is new...just not really exciting. It was found resting on the side of Jordan's TV. Not one I've caught/seen before so it is exciting enough to include as a blog post I'm sure you'll agree?

This pot-shot is probably the best of the two photos (at least it's in focus!!) but I'm sure this is a Case-bearing Clothes-moth.

The moth trap is currently on - the weather has at least stopped wetting itself and hopefully will keep cloudy but dry for most of the night without cooling of the moths until they visit my trap. Off to Cannock Chase to repeat my visit from the other day but early on, so I'll post tomorrow and update you on how different it is!

Moth Yearlist = 87 including 6 new macros and 8 new micros.

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