Saturday, 2 June 2012

A late night fish

Friday night was Jordan's trip to the scout camp - five days without him is going to be weird! My friend was down at the river Amber doing some fishing, so I joined him around 8pm. It's a quiet spot (apart from the background hum of the A610) and a really good wildlife area. Before long he'd caught a small Perch and whilst setting up to cast in again nearly trod on this gorgeous Banded Demoiselle! It stayed put probably due to cooler temperatures and the late time of the day?

We moved further downstream and found a slow pool below a run. There were a number of fish loafing along the edges of the river so it looked pretty good.

A Brown Trout came out first, not very big but a good meal for two (not that we took it home, that's naughty. I was just using this as a measure of it's size!) and then things hotted up with plenty of nibbles but even with cat-like reflexes we only managed a half-decent Chub. Beautifully fit and healthy fish though, the sign of a good river system! As the sun went down and the Pipistrelles came out, we carried on getting bites and eventually struck into something a bit more sizable. After a short fight, a small Barbel popped into the net, a lovely bar of gold from this cracking little river. The night was finished off with a Barn Owl which flew along the river right opposite us. Amazing! This white flower was found in the meadow behind our spot, the only one I could find. It had a number of these white flowers which grew on tall stems about 40cm high. Anyone have any ideas?

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