Monday, 18 June 2012

A late, forgotten post

Ooops! With all the excitement of the Charity Garden Party this weekend (from which we raised £1400 for Macmillan Trust and Motor Neurone Disease Association by the way) I've completely forgotten about posting my moth news from Tuesday. It wasn't massively exciting but looks like it marks an improvement in the weather (slightly!?!) and the moths. The day was fairly warm, getting up to 14 degrees and staying around 12 into the evening, dropping to 9 degrees in the night. But the key things was that it was calm and cloudy - the two key ingredients that I'm beginning to understand are vital to a good moth night.
So to the catch - 27 altogether with only two new ones. The first is Dark Arches (oh-no, I hear you mothers groan) but it has to be recorded as it's the turning point in the moth calendar. From now on both this species and the Heart and Dart will rise in numbers to epic proportions (Dark Arches max last year was 42 in a single trap on 25th June - with Heart and Dart on equally high numbers in that trap with 65!).
The other newbie was actually a new one for me altogether - a snazzy little micro called Epiblema cynosbatella. The lovely yellow nose separates it from some similar congeners, and it's a species I saw lots of others catch last year but I missed out. Glad it's on my list this year, as number 398.

These other three are on show here cos they're some of my favourites. Simple as that!
Bright-line Brown-eye Angle Shades Freyer's Pug

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