Monday, 18 June 2012

Could Sunday be a precursor?

Hopefully this Wednesday we will be trapping at work again, and by the looks of the weather it seems like the next few nights are going to be similar. So I put the trap out with great expectations. It certainly had that feel about it - calm, warmish, patchy cloudy. I even got that frisson of a hope that the Elephants might be on the charge, but I was let down on that one.
Lobesia littoralis
Peppered Moth
The rest of the trap contents however, were pretty good with 6 new for years and the one right awaiting confirmation (EDIT: it has been confirmed that this is Lobesia littoralis, my 2nd record for the garden!). Out of the usual array of early summer visitors the stand out inhabitants of the trap this morning were a Peppered Moth, 2 x Small Dusty Waves, Treble-bar, the first Willow Beauty of the year.
Broom Moth
Marbled Minor agg
Flax Tortrix
Celypha striana
This beautifully subtly marked Broom Moth (my 2nd ever!) plus Flax Tortrix, Celypha striana, and a pale version of the Clouded-bordered Brindle. There was also some variety to the Marbled Minor agg. which got me excited but I think they're all just Marbled Minor, and I won't get them chopped up anyway so that's what they go down on the list as!
Brimstone Red-barred Tortrix Common Swift

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