Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn brings its spoils

With another relatively crappy sort of mothing week ahead of us, I took heed of the warm(ish) and dry(ish) night, as well as the flocks of swallows feeding high over Wyver Lane nature reserve whilst searching for the plastic Ruddy Shelduck which then turned out to be a Cape Shelduck (my luck, I fear, has run out!) and decided to trap. Out went the Actinic/CFL combo and at 2230 I had only potted up 7 plus a couple of underwings into the trap.

The morning brought more than I had hoped for 42 moths of 12 species including two new for year Deep-brown Darts, and this new for me Rusty-dot Pearl! The majority of the trap was underwings, with a couple of carpets, Setaceous Hebrew Characters and another Stenoptilia milleridactyla. Not a bad haul really, at this time last year I was down to less than 20 per night...

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