Saturday, 17 September 2011

15th and 16th September

Two pretty good September nights, but with the end of the year fast approaching numbers of moths are now dwindling. The underwings are starting to decline (some may say that's a good things?) but the good news is that a couple of autumn species have turned up.

15th Sept - 31 moths of 15 species including Acleris sparsana new for the garden. Unfortunately it's tricky to photograph even after being in the fridge for 1.5 days!! It still took off almost as soon as I tipped it out. My other lucky find was this Vine's Rustic, I initially thought it was an odd coloured Pale Mottled Willow, but when I looked back at it's photo I realised my mistake.

Lunar Underwing was the first for the autumn, and 2 Rosy Rustic was a nice addition.

16th September - 41 moths of 13 species including the 5th Diamondback Moth of the year (I didn't catch any last year!). Other goodies were 3 Frosted Orange new for the year, 2 more Lunars and another Silver Y.

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