Thursday, 12 July 2012

Another new micro - 8th July

The good times continue - the weather held from Thursday, calm, cloudy, but dry (well actually there was some rain but it didn't seem to bother my MBF bulb). The moths came thick and fast up to 2300hrs and I'd caught 25 before I went to bed. The morning was even better, with 50 moths hanging around the sheet and shed walls (this must be the best tally I've managed so far!).
One of these was this fantastic little micro - Argyresthia brockeella. On first sight it looked black and white - dead straight forward. But when it came to photographing it, it changed its colours from green and white and then to orange and white. Really beautiful...and only 6mm long!! This is an example of why I absolutely love mothing. The knowledge of this particular type of moth was completely non-existent to me three years ago, and to 98% of the population of Britain it doesn't exist. But since starting mothing my eyes have been opened to greater things, and I feel very privileged when these tiny guys visit my garden.

Other goodies were Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix, Green Oak Tortrix, Lozotaeniodes formosana, Shaded Broadbar, Mottled Rustic...
Lozotaeniodes formosana Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix Green Oak Tortrix
Shaded Broadbar Blackneck Mottled Rustic

There was also one other tiny newcomer to the trap, this small Coleophora which turns out to be a Pistol Case-bearer!

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