Thursday, 5 July 2012

Catch up of recent lifers

These are my recent additions to my life list/garden list. It's been a bit hectic just recently so apologies for no real story behind this lot! I probably don't need to tell you all how excited I was to get Beautiful Hooktip in the garden though! Lovely moth...

20/06/2012 Moth Trap Evening at BGS
Brown Rustic
Isotrias rectifasciana
Crambus pratella
Udea olivalis
Plum Tortrix
Apotomis capreana
Epinotia bilunana
Scrobipalpa costella
23/06/2012 Garden 80W MBF
Clover Case-bearer
27/06/2012 Garden 80W MBF
Lathronympha strigana
Cyclamen Tortrix
Grapholita janthinana
Large Fruit-tree Tortrix
Hawthorn Moth
Metzneria metneriella
28/06/2012 Garden 15W Actininc / 117W CFL combo
Beautiful Hooktip
The other interesting news is that a friend at work discovered some Mullein caterpillars in her garden and didn't want them destroying any more plants. 4 in total were left on my desk, and they duly came home and into a suitable pot ready for hatching. Apparently they could take up to 5 years to become moths so we could be in for a long wait...

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