Wednesday, 11 July 2012


After 4 days of almost constant rainy, windy, crappy weather the 5th gave us all a break. And I'm sure I wasn't alone when I saw the weather improve, every mother in the country must've reached instinctively for their traps. The temperatures hovered around the early 20s throughout the day and remained above 15 during the night which obviously lead to a big haul. A good number of new for years fell tonight, including Swallow-tail, Plain Golden Y, Clay and Bramble Shoot Moth, and even better than all these was spotted on the sheet at around 2330.
Common Emerald
The interesting shape of a geometrid could be seen from the opposite side of the sheet as I approached the trap, and it got my attention straight away. A quick peep over the top proved that I was right to be first Common Emerald. Grab a it with fumbling fingers...moth in pot...yes!

Total moths 204! Brilliant...but how long will it last?

Plain Golden Y Short-cloaked Moth Small Magpie
Clay Swallow-tailed Moth Bramble Shoot Moth

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