Tuesday, 7 August 2012

July catch up Part 1

Almost a month since my last post so not too sure where to start. I guess a quick review of garden traps would be the best place. July sort of improved midmonth so the trap was out almost every other night with some good results

12th July - 79 of 36 species with highlights being a garden first Eucosma hohenwartiana, and year firsts in the form of Scalloped Oak and Bud Moth

13th July - 62 of 23 species with highlights being year first Grey Dagger agg. and Engrailed

Things then started to improve with 15th July bringing 124 of 46 species, but a fairly boring catch with the only first being new for year Common Rustic.

16th July - 93 moths of 36 moths with highlights being year first Udea prunalis and Bird-cherry Ermine and a return of an Elephant Hawk

17th July - a much better night with 174 of 54 moths, highlights being year firsts of Agriphila straminella, Smoky Wainscot, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Buff Arches, Barred Straw, Catoptria pinella, Paraswammerdamia nebulella, Water Veneer, Batia unitella and Gothic! Phew!

 21st July - possibly my most exciting find...a Scarlet Tiger in the garden. Apparently it's a first for Derbyshire, but is in all likelihood going to be an escape from someone imported plants? Who knows, but I shall bask in its beautiful markings nonetheless and thank it for gracing my little patch! (PS: it's not dead, it's just a bit cold! It flew off happily the following evening)

I also managed two further garden firsts. This Shark was a very surprising find at the bottom of the trap, and this Scoparia basistrigalis was an interesting spot amongst the other Scopariids, easy to spot when placed next to ambigualis but not sure I'd pick it out otherwise!

In addition to these beauties, I also got year firsts in the form of Varied Coronet, Eucosma cana and Codling Moth

Rest of July to follow soon...

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