Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Snow joke!

Having missed an almost perfect night of conditions on Monday, I was really kicking myself when I woke up to 7 degrees on Tuesday morning! Having not trapped yet in April, due to the poor weekend weather, I thought I'd try last night. Despite it being cold (8 degrees by 9pm) I fired up the MV. By 10pm I'd caught 1 new for year! A Brown House Moth! But they all count, so that's good.

By 1030pm I'd had enough, not another sniff. In addition to this the wind had got up and it really looked like the supposed snow was coming to hit us.

By 530 this morning it had, and the garden was covered in two inches of the white stuff.

So glad I listened to the weatherman this time!!

Moth yearlist = 23


  1. Lets hope for moth friendly weather along with annual leave over Easter !

    1. Here here to that, as I was planning to do my first trap in some local woods this weekend...Saturday night looks way too cold but might postpone it till Sunday.