Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rain, rain go away...

I don't mean it as I know we need it (God, I am starting to sound like my parents now!) but it has meant a stop to the mothing and an almost stop to the birding. In fact I was so desperate to see a moth (other people in the blogosphere still seem to be catching NFY even with this foul weather?) that I put out the trap on Monday night, only to have to fetch it in at 3.07am when it started persisting it down.
Results...1 x Hebrew Character. Poor little bugger.

I also thought I'd try last night as it was probably going to stay dry, albeit a bit cooler. By 2330 it has dropped to 5.5 degrees, so I packed it away. Results...1 x Hebrew Character, but also 1 x Clouded Drab and 1 x Early Grey, so not a complete loss. I was trying a new 42W Halogen Clearbulb with the Actinic so maybe that helped get those three? Who knows!!

Anyway, with all these Arctic Terns turning up I'm going to try and get out after school tomorrow, assuming it's dry enough...

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  1. Mothing is poor here too! Have only trapped 11 species since 24th February! I did get one NFY last week (an Early Grey). Hopefully it will get warmer (and drier soon!)