Friday, 14 October 2011

Early October catch-up

Following last weeks cooler temperatures, things calmed down sufficiently enough (for this time of  year) to put the trap out a few times.

7th October - 5 moths of 5 species! November Moth was new for the year, but has been in every trap since!

8th October - much warmer and cloudier and despite putting my rain sheet over the trap site, it didn't rain. I managed 22 moths of 13 species which I wasn't disappointed with, but if I hadn't put the rainguard over the trap maybe there would've been more! Juniper Carpet was a great new find. Also had a Shuttle-shaped Dart which I'd not caught since August, and my second Flounced Chestnut.

9th October - Another smaller catch as it was quite gusty, 9 moths of 8 species - but Brick was new for the year and my second Rusty-dot Pearl turned up.

12th October - Another better night, still and fairly cloudy. 20 moths of 13 species. The best moth for autumn graced the trap - a cracking fresh Feathered Thorn! Also got four Green-brindled Crescent (although having looked through W&T I suspect two of these which were much smaller may have been Brindled Green). Of course I only photographed the two that looked better, which are definitely GBC! Another surprise was my second Oak Nycteoline of the year. Finally, I had this worn micro. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

13th October - 13 moths of 9 species. No new species for the year or October but still a good selection of species including Red-green and Juniper Carpets, Pink-barred Sallow and Green-brindled Crescent

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