Sunday, 2 October 2011

Come on October, keep it up!

Another great night of warm temperatures, dryness (although it was still clear). And another three species to add to the garden list. Again these are relatively common species for this time of year, as were the the inhabitants of the last trap BUT they're all new to me!

So I was especially excited to receive this Figure of Eight, Flounced Chestnut and Phyllonorycter harrisella. The Phyllonorycter wouldn't co-operate however, so I've got some terrible photos of it that I'm not prepared to share!!

Other highlights included my second Red-line Quaker, Caloptilia stigmatella, another Apple Leaf Miner, another Green-brindled Crescent (different to the one from Thursday) and what must surely be the last Copper Underwing for the year, it was particularly frazzled!

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