Saturday, 22 October 2011

21st Oct - but it's more like June-iper

After a week of cold clear night with temperatures down to 3 degrees, it was nice to finally get a cloudy, relatively still night, with little prospect of rain! Out comes the trap with Actinic/CFL combo. The results were pleasing for this time of year 17 moths of 7 species but these included a massive haul of 9 Juniper Carpets! I've never caught this species until about a week ago.

Other highlights included my second for the year of Feathered Thorn and Brick (which actually agreed to have it's photo taken this time!) and also a return of Grey Shoulder-knot. I caught this species for the first time in the early Spring but this is the Autumn generation.

There will hopefully be a couple of warm nights next week so I may get a few more traps in before the close season. I suspect my yearlist won't get much further now, but 332 is a massive jump from last years total of 249 (no doubt down to my much improved id skills this year!!) so I'm very happy. Roll on next year....I reckon the Actinic/CFL combo could be a big hit based on the results I've had this autumn.

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